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August 22 2020

Many people have expressed a serious concern that the quality and traditions of the Edward R. Byers Company ended when Ed passed away in December of 2019. We all miss him. He was a generous man, always quick with a joke and a helping hand. We have known Ed for almost 40 years and when he got sick we were able to arrange to take over his business with the full intent of continuing the legacy. The mission of the new Byers Company is to continue building the finest astrophotography telescope mounts in the world. Here we are, eight months later, and our work is starting to take shape. Our team brings together over one hundred years of Machinist, Electronic and Programming experience. We are introducing modern design, production and quality control methods to complement the historic Byers reputation for uncompromising quality and innovation. While transitioning Byers Company to its new facility, we have been completing an existing order for a number of Series III mounts. At the same time we are working on the design for a new "Series I" mount. This new mount is designed specifically to bring everything that Byers is known for into the hands of amateur astronomers at an affordable price. In the first quarter of 2021 we will be testing the new Series I mount and will begin taking orders in the second quarter with initial units to start shipping in the 3rd quarter. As part of our research and development, we have selected the OnStep Telescope Control system to power the new Series I mount. We are strong believers in the open-source software and hardware community. In support of that, the "Byers OnStep" schematics will be publicly available and any changes we make to the code will be freely released. For those that wish to use the OnStep system for their existing mounts, the Byers OnStep drive should be available for purchase as a complete and tested system before the end of 2020.